30 Days of Vampires: Technical issue!!

30 Days of Vampires: Technical issue!!

Big apologies! I am having site issues. For some reason that I haven’t yet tracked down comments are closed. I am working on the issue and will hopefully have it fixed or an alternative soon!

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  1. Lori says:

    And like that it seems fixed! I’ll go back and repost the kickoff…

  2. Caro says:

    they would cover it if it was defective, but I’d have to send it to the regional service center (not the same place I sent it already). I contacted the place I sent it to originally, but have not been able to get them to return it to me (despite having enclosed a return envelope, postage prepaid, when I sent it to them). All in all, I would say the entire experience has been very dinpgaoistinp, and I will not buy another Milwaukee bit.By the way, do not imagine that you are buying domestic just because of the name – like nearly everything else, these bits are made in China.

  3. cristian04/12/2012yo siempre desde nina sufro de infección en las anginas ya estoy cansada x q desapareen en verano y aparecen en invierno quisiera saber si me puedo quitar las anjinas

  4. Floyd Bufkin / July 21, 2008I can’t get cheese (or any other program) to work on my 64 bit Kubuntu 8.04. Skype and Ekiga are the only things that work. I think it is a 64 bit problem.Reply

  5. Bleach is a super cheap sanitizer and in low enough ratios some say that there is no need to rinse. There’s a debate over that and I personally wouldn’t risk it. Your best bet is to pickup some Star San which is a super effective no-rinse sanitizer. If you do use bleach, just rinsing with hot water afterward should leave everything sanitized.

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