Dark Crusade, Unbound 4

Dark Crusade, Unbound 4

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Dark Crusade, dark paranormal romance
Publisher: Silhouette Nocturne
ISBN: 978-0373618095
Genre: Dark Paranormal Romance
Release Date: April 2009
Series: Unbound

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Evil forces…a forbidden love…a deadly witch hunt.
Don’t miss Lori Devoti’s dark, mesmerizing romance..

Exiled rogue shapeshifter Kerr Vik once saw being transported to Gunngar as a fresh start. Until the one person he most regretted leaving behind—captivating witch Heather Moore—stumbles through the portal…and finds herself right in the middle of a witch hunt. Heather has courageously come to Gunngar to redeem herself. But Kerr knows that if she braves it alone…she will die. He must somehow send her back through the portal. And it’s not long before a collision of truth, love and duty complicates Kerr’s mission by forcing him to choose sides: should he save this forbidden love or protect his honor?

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4 Stars!
“Trapped in Gunngar, a place between worlds, witch Heather Moore must rely on wolf shapeshifter Kerr Vik for protection from an evil elf named Marina, who wants all witches dead. There are sparks between them, but Kerr works for Marina, and Heather’s not quite sure whether or not he’s really on her side. Devoti sets up an exciting alternate world filled with treacherous beings and makes readers believe both it and the sexual attraction between Kerr and Heather.”

-Romantic Times Magazine, Alexandra KayRead Full Review

4.5 Stars!
“Lori Devoti always weaves a remarkable story, and DARK CRUSADE is an exceptional example.”

-CataRomance.com, Amelia Richards Read Full Review

…magic and the paranormal abound
“The world of Gunngar comes across as a plausible dark grim place in which magic and the paranormal abound….Fantasy romance fans will appreciate Lori Devoti’s latest Guardian thriller …. “

-Alternative Worlds, Harriet Klausner
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