January Contest Winner! And February Bonus Prize.

January Contest Winner! And February Bonus Prize.

The winner of an autographed copy of Dead Spots by Melissa F. Olson, a tote bag and her pick of books at the V.I.P. Reader’s Lounge is…. Nancy Luebke! Congrats, Nancy!

For February, I’m giving away two books: Pale Moon Stalker by Shirl Henke and The Leopard Prince by Elizabet Hoyt, along with another tote bag and pick from the V.I.P. Reader’s Lounge!

Contest Prize for July 2012  leopardprinceFanOfMonthDevoti

By now you probably know the drill: Fill out the form for my newsletter on my contest page, and then to get noticed post on my Facebook page, Tweet about one of my books, post a review, etc. (The only one of these that is required is the newsletter.)

Thanks so much for stopping by and supporting my books!

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