Lost Series

Lost Series

Lost, cover

Vampire Paranormal Romance
Story 1 in Lost Series

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Alone in a cursed canyon, even a vampire can look safe.

After a car crash that may have taken her friends lives, Rachel Daniels finds herself lost in a cursed canyon. Her only hope to escape the place and save her friends is the man she finds wandering through the night; except Cameron Renault is no ordinary man. He’s a vampire and Rachel’s nightmare may have just begun.

Lost is a vampire romance short story of around 40 pages if in print.

Found, A Vampire Romance
Vampire Paranormal Romance
Story 2 in Lost Series

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Nancy Bonnelly killed her friends. She was driving the car when it wrecked, and she talked them into driving through the cursed canyon. Now two of them are dead, another is missing, and Nancy is injured and near death herself.

She is all alone until Dorian Renault finds her, takes her to a cave and nurses her back to health.

But what kind of man has the power to bring the almost dead back to life?

A vampire.

And Dorian isn’t any vampire. He’s a vampire fighting a monster of his own, one that lives inside him. He’d given up hope of winning the battle and was ready to die until he meets Nancy.

Now Dorian has hope: hope that with Nancy by his side he doesn’t have to be a monster after all.

However, unknown to Dorian and Nancy, there are other monsters in the canyon. Monsters who know more about Nancy and her accident than Nancy herself.

Claimed a vampire romance cover

Vampire Paranormal Romance
Story 3 in Lost Series

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Rachel Daniels made it out of the cursed canyon alive. But she was forced to leave behind the man… vampire… who saved her and the one friend she still
has hope survived the car wreck that took two others.

Now, back in the real world, Rachel has a choice to make. Does she go back to life as she knew
it, forgetting everything she thinks she learned in that canyon, or does she accept that the impossible is true – that vampires are real and she is in love
with one?

Cameron Renault knows Rachel doesn’t belong in his world and to keep her safe he’s willing to walk away, but will the rogue werewolf pack
that has taken over Crystal City let him?

Claimed is the third short story in the Lost series of vampire romances. If in print, it would be about 75 pages long.

Rogue a werewolf romance cover

Werewolf  Paranormal Romance
Story 4 in Lost Series

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Deserted by the pack when she was a child, rogue, Kacie Marks is used to defending herself, and she’s happy to keep doing so, even when vampires invade her woods. However, rogue hunter, Bryce Kinkaid has other plans for her, plans that involve using Kacie as bait for the vampires intent on destroying every werewolf they can find.

Kacie evades both vampires and Bryce at first, but the rogue hunter isn’t one to give up. Especially after he gets close enough to Kacie to realize she means much more to his wolf than just bait in his vampire trap.

Rogue is the fourth short story in the Lost series of vampire and werewolf romances. If in print, it would be about 65 pages long.

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