Love Is All You Need – Reviews

Five Stars from
Lori Devoti has burst out on the romance scene with her second hilariously entertaining book LOVE IS ALL YOU NEED.
LOVE IS ALL YOU NEED is an amusing love story that will tickle your funny bone and warm the cockles of your heart. Lori Devoti’s witty way with words and her clever sense of humor ensures that you will close this book grinning ear to ear!”

– 5 Stars, Donna Zapf,

Four Stars from Romantic Times BookCLUB Magazine
“Sent by the auction house she works for to Missouri to buy a pottery pig, Del Montgomery is not at all happy. Not only is she returning to the area where she grew up, but Sam Samson, the auctioneer she has helping her on her search, is not the potbellied oldster she was hoping for.
Sam is an extremely attractive man who realizes right off that Del is more than just a pig collector wishing to add to her collection, but he just can’t quite figure out what. Falling in love with her really complicates things, especially after he discovers that the pig she is searching for could be the answer to both his and his cousin’s financial woes—if he could just find it first and sell it himself.
This is a charming romance with humor, convoluted family dynamics, secrets and warmth. The final outcome is surprising and leaves the reader with a comfortable sense that there really is good in most everyone.”

4 1/2 Roses from A Romance Review
Lori Devoti has cornered a market on quirky sayings and even quirkier characters. Her newest book is no exception. Del is a woman use to relying on her looks to get what she wants, yet she is extremely smart and laughs to herself at the ease in which she can manipulate men. Sam is concerned only about himself and his own; however, he isn’t obnoxious or self centered. He just doesn’t have room for sticky things like emotions for Del. Together these two characters create a fun and highly enjoyable story. Toss in a cute Toadstool and some odd secondary characters and you have another must read from Ms. Devoti!”

– Vikky, A Romance Review

Four Rose Read from Romance Reader at Heart
“You will be hog-tied by Lori Devoti’s newest release, LOVE IS ALL YOU NEED, if you like shopping for antique pigs, that is, and if you like hunky auctioneers with a little bit of twang to their voice that wear tight fitting T-shirts and just as tight jeans. Yep, you’ll be as happy as a pig in mud if you enjoy a cute, sassy, and snort-out-loud funny-at-times tail, er, tale, even if you don’t like down-home type stories.”

– Shannon Johnson, Romance Reader at Heart

Four Stars from Books for a Buck
“If you’re looking for a fun and funny read that packs an emotional and sexy punch, you definitely will want to grab LOVE IS ALL YOU NEED.”

– Rob Preece,

Deemed laugh-out-loud funny by Joyfully Reviewed
Lori Devoti has written a charming novel with Love Is All You Need! I was amused and delighted by Del and Sam’s love story. Del’s sassy attitude and Sam’s good humor left me grinning throughout this book. I especially loved the way Sam could so completely read Del and the way he never let her overtake him. They were very well-matched and their romance a joy to read.

“This book has it all! Filled with pig humor, it is laugh out loud funny. The mystery of the Unruh Pig and the ensuing treasure hunt kept the pace fast and intriguing. Add in an engaging romance and LOVE IS ALL YOU NEED is a fun and romantic read!”

– Annabelle Andrews, Joyfully