The Vampire Who Stole Christmas

The Vampire Who Stole Christmas

Christmas with a Vampire, paranormal romance anthology
Christmas with a Vampire
Lori’s story…The Vampire Who Stole Christmas (see description below)
Publisher: HQN
Genre: Dark Paranormal Romance
Release Date: December 2010
ISBN: 978-0373776139
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Five red-hot vampire stories that will make the season sizzle!
Prepare for an exhilarating journey across the boundary of death into a shadowy, daring new world. As darkness falls on another year, five fanged rebels are ready to celebrate like never before.

It’s a time for bloodlust and stolen kisses, for clandestine bites and forming new bonds beneath the mistletoe. Succumb to the forbidden as these powerful vampires give you a Christmas you’ll never forget.…

Holiday with a Vampire, dark paranormal romance
The Vampire Who Stole Christmas
Not part of Unbound series
Publisher: Silhouette Nocturne
ISBN: 978-0373618019
Genre: Dark Paranormal Romance
Release Date: December 2008

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A heartwarming tale of the undead…
On a mission for revenge against his adoptive family, vampire Drystan Hurst needs daemon Aimee Polk to help him put his plan into action. But Drystan doesn’t expect to fall in love with Aimee–especially when it means choosing between her affection and the ultimate family payback he has always dreamed of…


…darkly romantic…
In Devoti’s darkly romantic “The Vampire Who Stole Christmas,” bitter vampire Drystan Hurst is on a vicious mission of vengeance and plans to use his brother’s fiancée, gentle Aimee Polk, to destroy his adoptive family. What he doesn’t realize is that Aimee has a stunning supernatural secret of her own. An enjoyable duo of holiday romances with a supernatural twist.  -Library Journal

Lori Devoti creates imaginative scenarios for her unforgettable characters, where every moment is enchantingly riveting.
Drystan and Aimee make a very unusual couple with his darkness and the lightness surrounding her, but Ms. Devoti expertly shows how some differences do not manner when love enters into the equation. The feelings expressed between this couple are beautifully conveyed with stirring emotions and sincere actions, and these sentiments are extremely heartfelt in each scene where they are together. Drystan’s quest for revenge is almost palpable, as his anguish for what was done to him comes across with realism. The potent emotions of “The Vampire Who Stole Christmas” are fueled by fervent passions and deepest desires, making this a most rewarding story. -Amelia Richard, ParaNormalRomance Reviews Read Full Review

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