The Witch Thief, reviews

The Witch Thief, reviews

The Witch Thief, dragon-shifter romance***

For the sixth book taking place in the unique world constructed for the Unbound series, many of the details are new and the main two characters find themselves tackling one difficult dilemma after another. With none of the previous characters being present in this story, the hero and heroine will have to depend upon each other in Lori Devoti’s latest creative paranormal tale. THE WITCH THIEF has an original storyline for its particularly likable couple.

A quest to learn about her past leads to Amma stealing a chalice from Joarr Enge, a dragon-shifter. The witch believed he would not even notice one small cup is missing from his disorganized pile of hoarded treasures. What Amma did not know is Joarr is the Chalice Keeper for the dragon army, and although he is uncertain as to whether the ancient artifact actually does have any powerful capabilities, he wants the piece back. When he is able to trap her spirit, he plans to keep her under his control until she tells him what happened to the stolen item.

Although Amma found Joarr to be a tempting man and passionate lover, she felt stealing from him was necessary and disregarded any feelings she had for him. Now she finds herself working with the commanding dragon to retrieve the cup, but knows their child that she carries must remain a secret or her dreams of being part of a family will never be reached.

Every paranormal detail in a book by Lori Devoti is continually innovative. From characters to settings to plots, each aspect is cleverly inventive and lets the reader visit a world like no other. The Unbound series has always been very distinctive in its own way, and THE WITCH THIEF takes Ms. Devoti’s frequently matchless stories to another level. Dragons, witches and dwarves find their lives intertwining, and the result of these meetings is often startling and definitely interesting. The personalities of each character is depicted with credible behavior that goes along with their inner natures, some pleasant and others not so nice. While the dealings of Joarr and Amma may sometimes appear to be motivated by self-interest, how they respond before all is finally concluded really reveals their true dispositions. The conversations where these two sparred with verbal jabs are amusing and enlighten the reader to their real temperaments. Both are intelligent beings with a zest for life, yet neither of their lives has been very fulfilling and they would love for there to be something more enjoyable in their futures. Their desires are conveyed through sincere thoughts, and their passion for the other is expressed with deepest longing. The physical abilities each of them possesses are often exceptional, and I was repeatedly amazed by a number of scenes where their skills came into play. Background information concerning dragons is inventive, thus making the newest Lori Devoti story not only fascinating but also entertaining. THE WITCH THIEF is an imaginative paranormal romance full of unusual characters and imaginative scenarios. – A. Richard, CataRomance reviews 4.5 Stars

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