Unbound – Reviews

Top Pick, Romantic Times Magazine
“Lori Devoti’s UNBOUND (4 1/2) delivers a truly unique, fast-paced and sexy adventure. Risk is so hot that you’ll be using the book to fan yourself as you read!”

-Romantic Times Magazine, Alexandra Kay, Read Full Review

4.5 Clovers!
“Lori Devoti takes some chances with UNBOUND and creates a winner! UNBOUND is by no means your typical paranormal romance as Ms. Devoti incorporates some unique elements into the storyline. This one definitely kept me on the edge of my seat until the final page! Hopefully, UNBOUND is not the last we have seen of the hellhounds or the other denizens of this creative world!”

-CK2S Kwips and Kritiques, Debbie, Read Full Review

…tremendous read…
“Oh what a tremendous read Unbound was! The title alone was enough to make me read it and as I opened the pages, I settled in for a pleasant read. Pleasant doesn’t even begin to describe the utter amazement I experienced at the hands of author Lori Devoti! Unbound knocked my socks off with its complete and unrelenting plot. I love shape shifters and Risk is my first hellhound and for that alone I fell in love with him. Despite the cruelty he faced at the hands of his owner, he continued to search for ways to end his imprisonment. His loyalty to and adoration of Kara was written in such a way that I could feel the emotions pouring out of him at the thought of his being unable to save her.

Lori Devoti has a new fan! Unbound is now happily filed on my keeper shelf under “O” for outstandingly wonderful!”

-Joyfully Reviewed, Talia Ricci, Read Full Review.

5 Angels, Fallen Angels Reviews
This tale filled with Norse mythology, shapeshifters and witchcraft was a total delight. Unbound takes you to another dimension and this is a joy ride you don’t want to miss. As the adventure begins the characters come to life swelling with emotion, you feel their pain and anger and yet you also celebrate their happiness as it evolves. Lori Devoti has written an awesome paranormal and all I can hope is that she keeps them coming. I would love to hear more about Venge. (Hint, hint)

-Fallen Angels Reviews, Dana P, Read Full Review.

5 Stars…an enthralling and totally satisfying read..
“With her first Silhouette Nocturne release after her delightful contemporaries, Lori Devoti proves she is an outstanding writer of multiple genres. Taking a Norse myth about hellhounds and adding her own twists to the legend, Ms. Devoti developed a modern day variation that results in a riveting romantic adventure. The plot is a masterful combination of action, danger and intense emotions, where the lives of the featured characters are vividly depicted. Risk (love his name and how he acquired it) and Kara are an extraordinary couple, and the turn of events which change their lives forever are cleverly interwoven and make the story even more engaging. As an alpha hero, Risk is powerful in many aspects. However, the touch of humanity he tries to keep hidden makes him an emotional being as well. When his darker hellhound side struggles with the human side, the moments are exceptionally touching. Kara believes herself to be a weak woman, but during the course of the story, she draws upon an inner strength which she does not know she possesses. Watching these two interact made for numerous potent and realistic scenes. There are some despicable characters in many forms throughout the story, each one of them adding an interesting aspect to the plot. There is already another story in the works set in this world, one I am definitely anxious to read. UNBOUND is compellingly intriguing from the first word, where the reader is transported into an imaginative realm and never wants to leave.”

-Amelia Richard, Singletitles.com, Read Full Review

…a thrill ride you don’t want to miss…
“Well written and engaging, this tale builds suspense and mystery with otherworldly surprises and twists. Old yarns are told in a new and innovative way and make this story a welcome addition to the paranormal genre. An action packed adventure, UNBOUND is a thrill ride you don’t want to miss.”

-Romance Reviews Today, Jennell, Read Full Review

“A dark, sexy read set in a unique and tantalizing world. I loved it.”

-Eve Silver, author of DEMON’S KISS

…unique, rollercoaster of a read…
“Unbound is fabulous! Ms. Devoti takes on an entirely new genre with this paranormal adventure, and truly makes it her own. She has done an excellent job of crafting a world and a story that is entertaining, yet believable. Risk and Kara are characters that capture the reader’s attention from page 1 and don’t let go. She is a perfect heroine, unsure but brave, sassy and full of spunk. Risk is a wounded, deliciously Alpha-male, and completely in love with Kara, making him THE perfect hero. The passion and attraction between these two burns hot and readers will be totally caught up in every twist and turn in the story. There is so much going on, I didn’t want to give anything away with this review. But I can say that I eagerly anticipate more stories of these sexy hellhounds and the woman who can bring them to heel. Brava, Ms. Devoti on this fantastic new series!!”

– Meagan Hatfield – PNR, Read Full Review

Four Stars from Books for a Buck
“Author Lori Devoti switches from comedy to paranormal in a strong adventure. Torn between her fears and her growing strength, Kara makes an interesting and complex character, learning to trust herself and to trust others around her. Risk is simultaneously powerful and dominated by the women around him–an intriguing combination. I haven’t seen shapeshifting Hellhounds used in urban fantasy before, and the idea works.

Devoti mixes in a bit of Norse mythology, opening the doors to what seems a far bigger universe than could be encompassed in this single adventure. I certainly hope we’ll see more of Lusse and demi-divine Jorman in future stories. UNBOUND is a well written and engaging story. I confess I almost missed my subway stop because I couldn’t put it down–and had to scramble to make it off. ”

– Rob Preece, Books for a Buck, Read Full Review

4.5 Blue Ribbons from Romance Junkies
“Ms. Devoti is skillful with her words, a talent I only wish that I shared. I believe she has adapted the hellhounds very well. I was rooting for Risk, all that masculinity and sensitivity too. As soon as you knew what Risk wanted, you wanted him to get it. You watch Kara come into her own as she becomes a stronger woman and more confident in her abilities. Was it the trials she went through that made her strong or was it finding love? I truly enjoyed watching Risk and Kara and being a part of their adventure. I would love to know if any of her other hellhounds get an adventure of their own. UNBOUND has definitely worked its magic upon this reader and I look forward to reading any more stories that Lori Devoti writes.”

-ladybirdrobi, Romance Junkies, Read Full Review

…an exciting romantic fantasy.
“Based on Scandinavian legends, UNBOUND is an exciting romantic fantasy. Lori Devoti is terrific at creating characters that readers will empathize with especially Risk, a being in bondage who has to endure all forms of tortures and obey a power hungry malevolent being. …The audience will demand a sequel starring Risk’s son.”

-Harriet Klausner, Alternative Worlds, Read Full Review

5…One of the best I have ever read Lifetime keeper!

Lori Devoti is a very talented writer; her characters are full of depth and character. She takes you out of our world and puts you into a world that she has created, pulling you into the moment of what Kara and Risk are doing. Unbound will definitely go on my keeper shelf.

-Zollyanna, Night Owl Romance