Wild Hunt, Nine Worlds 3

Wild Hunt, Nine Worlds 3

Wild Hunt

Book 3 in Nine Worlds series

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Book 3 of the Nine Worlds (previously Unbound series)

The legendary horn of the Wild Hunt has been silent for decades. No hounds called. No souls captured. Until today.

When hellhound Venge Leidolf hears the horn’s peal, he’s compelled to follow its call. He finds himself in a ghost town bustling with angry hounds and alluring females that he can’t name. Whatever the females are, he and the other hounds find them hard to resist. Especially one.

The Valkyrie, Geysa, is determined to stop the Wild Hunt once and for all, even if it means serving as a waitress to the hellhounds she has hated since the day they and the Hunt took her mother from her. She and her family won’t rest until they have recaptured the horn, destroyed it, the Hunt, and if necessary, every last hound too.

When Valkyrie and alpha hellhound meet, old hates seem to fade… at least for a while. But the Hunt and the being
behind it is old and powerful. And his mission strong.

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In the end, which will win: the Hunt or love between destined enemies?

Previous Editions:
Wild Hunt, dark paranormal romance

Publisher: Silhouette Nocturne
Genre: Dark Paranormal Romance
Release Date: June 2008

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