For Writers

Multi-published and award-winning author, Lori Devoti, teaches both online and in-person classes on the craft of writing and the business of writing. She is also available for editing and one-on-one writing and business of writing coaching and mentoring.

In-Person Writing Classes:

Write by the Lake. Write by the Lake is a week long program at the University of Wisconsin. Lori has taught a session here for the past three years.

In 2012 Lori is teaching a Master’s Class for Genre Writers. Class is limited to six participants and must be approved by Lori before being admitted. For more information on the class, visit the Write by the Lake web site. Interested? Email Lori to ask about being included.

Online Writing Classes:

At University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Continuing Studies: In her class, Deepening Fiction: Advanced Story Technique, students learn techniques to take their writing to the next level and produce publishable stories.

Expand your fictional toolkit in this 7-part course for experienced writers. Learn how the inner lives of your characters bring out the tension in your plot, discover surprising uses of first- and third-person perspectives, and see exactly what it takes to find your true “voice.” You’ll receive detailed lessons full of practical advice, and you’ll have the chance to see the concepts at work in example readings from short-story masters like Hemmingway, Wolff, and Updike.


  1. Complicating Characters: How Inner Lives Fuel Better Conflicts
  2. Re-imagining Perspective: Subjectivity and Objectivity in the 3rd Person
  3. Re-imagining Perspective: Surprise in the First Person
  4. Voice Lessons: Discover and Develop Your Narrative Style
  5. The Hills Are Alive: Setting as Character
  6. Fits Like a… Tightly Crafted Metaphor
  7. Unstoppable Story Momentum

Lessons include personal feedback from Lori. To enroll or for more information, visit the University of Wisconsin-Madison Continuing Studies web site.

Using Goal, Motivation and Conflict to Build Characters and Plot

It’s amazing what two little sentences can do for keeping your characters and plot on track. Learn this magic formula along with the specific elements every goal must have to work for your book, how to know if the motivation you choose fits your characters and how to test your conflict to make sure it won’t fizzle out when the story is only halfway done.

Three lessons with feedback provided by Lori on short homework assignments and three 1,000 word critiques.

$85 (contact Lori to arrange payment and delivery of classes)

Content Editing and Writing Consultations:

Editing for content and craft. In-line notes and advice, using Word’s track changes function, on plot, distancing words, character development, use of back story and flashbacks, overall flow of prose and voice. (Not for grammar or punctuation although may be marked if noted.)  May also include links or articles as reference for suggested changes. Example: “How to tighten your prose.”

$.009 to $.0075 per word. Actual price depends on amount of editing required (level of writing: beginner to expert) and length of terms (longer term clients may qualify for a rate reduction).

Minimum fee per story/work: $50